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Roofing Costs in Fargo

Roofing costs can vary greatly throughout the country. So, you shouldn't expect your Fargo roofing costs to be the same as Moorhead roofing costs. An average roofing figure is also hard to pin down because of the differences in low-end and high-end costs. Roofing installation can cost anywhere from $50 to $1000 per square (a square is a 10 ft. x 10 ft. area). However, you should expect to pay, at least, $300 per square for top quality roofing shingles. The biggest factor in roofing costs is material, but a number of other factors can attribute to the costs of your roofing system.

General factors affecting roofing costs in fargo:

  • Material-Slate roofing costs more than asphalt roofing. Select a roofing material that's appropriate for your budget. There's a big enough selection of roofing materials available that you're sure to find something that fits in with your roofing costs.
  • Area size-The physical size of your roof will naturally affect your roofing costs. The more roofing area you have, the more roofing material will be needed.
  • Removal of Existing Roofing System-Tear off costs can vary depending on the number of layers of roofing shingles that may need to be removed. Any damaged decking underneath can also raise roofing costs. A roofer or roofing contractor will need to inspect your existing roof to be able to give an accurate estimate of roof removal costs.
  • Time of Year- The best pricing from roofing contractors usually occurs in the winter for projects beginning in the early spring.

Regional factors also apply to roofing costs in fargo:

  • Market Size-Smaller markets don't always carry the materials you're looking for. This can make roofing costs a matter of supply and demand. If the roofing material you've chosen is scarce in your area then you should expect to pay much more
  • Industry Trends-Besides market size, industry trends will dictate the availability of certain building materials. The roofing material most popular in your region will be far more affordable than others.
  • Accessibility-How easy it is for a certified roofer to access your roof will affect your roofing costs. The price of roofing a downtown high-rise will be much different than that of a single story suburban home. The easier the roofing installation is, the less expensive the costs will generally be.

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