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Bathroom Remodeling in Fargo North Dakota.

Bathroom Remodeling

Bathroom Remodeling in Fargo North Dakota

Across the country, thousands of homeowners are remodeling their master bathrooms or powder rooms. If you live in Fargo, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, San Diego, San Francisco, Los Angeles, or New York City and you haven't made your bathroom remodeling and design ideas a priority, I am going to help you get started. It can certainly be intimidating to begin a major project like kitchen or bathroom remodeling, but with a little patience and careful planning, you will be glad that you opted to do it!

Not only will remodeling your master bathroom or powder room increase the resale value of your home, but think about how great it will feel to take a shower in your newly floor-to-ceiling tiled walk-in shower. In fact, you'll probably find yourself washing twice as many towels and wash-cloths!

Once you've had the pleasure of indulging in a hot bubble bath in your new Jacuzzi tub or experienced the effects of a quadruple shower head configuration, you might just have to call in sick for a few days while you take a vacation in your new bathroom! We remodeled our master bathroom about a year ago, put in a marble shower large enough for eight people to comfortably stand and I still get excited every morning about getting clean!

Bringing my bathroom remodeling ideas to life

First, just like kitchen remodeling, you should always browse through your favorite magazines, walk down the street to check out your neighbors' kitchens or attend that home show coming to your town to get an idea of what you'd like your bathroom remodeling plans to look like. Once you've decided which ideas are worth further exploration, decide which elements of your bathroom you'd like to modify. Structural consequences can have a drastic effect on homeowners decision making process when it comes to bathroom remodeling.

There are two ways to approach this part of the planning process. One is to decide up front what rough in plumbing fixtures (tubs, showers, toilets, sinks) you plan to move or replace and then ask your architect to draft the plans based on your selections for these items. Basically, he/she will design your bathroom remodel so that all of the fixtures you choose fit perfectly. The upside is that you will have the bathroom that you always wanted. The downside is that this could mean moving walls and plumbing supply and both are very costly.

The second option is to ask your designer or contractor to simply tell you what your fixture choices will be dimension-wise based on leaving your rough in plumbing as is. The limitation with the latter option is that you would have to choose bath tubs, cabinets, showers, etc. that work within the existing space constraints. The positive side is that you will save a lot of money by not moving your existing plumbing sources.

Perhaps you would much rather have a large walk-in shower and are not concerned with a bath tub at all. Or, maybe you're considering a Jacuzzi tub with a slightly smaller walk-in shower. Think about the needs of the people who will use the master bathroom.

If you bathe your children in your master bathroom each night, it probably isn't wise to eliminate your bath tub. If you and your spouse don't ever plan on taking long baths and would much rather optimize the art of creative showering concepts, then get rid of that tub and focus on creating your dream shower for two.

Homeowners often complain about the lack of cabinet space in their bathrooms. When working with your architect or designer, be sure to mention the need for extra storage if it applies to your family. There are all sorts of creative ways to incorporate tons of added storage without compromising the integrity of your new master bathroom design.

Maybe you are thinking that all your bathroom really needs is a facelift. Changing just the flooring or vanities or fixtures could be all you need to achieve the look that you desire for your bathroom.

One of the most prominent characteristics that I remember about the house I grew up in is that all of the bathrooms had colorful toilets, tubs and sinks. There were five bathrooms and each one of them had a personality of its own! Mine had yellow everything. From floors to the tub to the vanity to the toilet to the sink and even the toilet paper holder, everything was YELLOW!

The layout was perfect, but the color was a little flamboyant, so all they needed to do was update what was already there.

5 Questions to ask before Remodeling


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alen mcmilan said...

Now a days many of the peoples are remodeling her home kitchen and her bathroom with different type and different way so I would say here is really nice tips to remodeling bathroom with perfect look and get better facility and product also.
Remodeling Atlanta

Joseph Hogan Wilks said...

I was worried about the bathroom tile in my house. It is very old and damaged. Hopefully it will make the demo easier. I would like to do the work myself but am open to suggestion.