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Basement Remodeling in Fargo

Basement Remodeling

Basement Remodeling in Fargo

What should I do first?

You will need to determine what you will be using the finished space for. Some homeowners choose to remodel or finish only part of their basement by simply creating one extra bedroom with adjoining bathroom, leaving the remainder of the area unfinished for storage or workshop space. Other homeowners choose to finish the entire space in order to maximize the amount of livable space in their home.

Many homeowners with young children or teenagers opt to finish their basements in order to create a game room or media room for their children. Basement bars can make get-togethers and holiday parties fun for adults. Some people even choose to implement miniature golf into their basement remodeling project. Several homeowners decide to create a combination of the basement remodeling ideas mentioned above.

By adding one or two extra bedrooms with a full bathroom, an exercise room, and a theatre room, many homeowners are able to significantly increase the resale value of their home. There are several factors for homeowners to consider when making the decision about what type of basement remodeling project to pursue. The list of questions below will help you to determine which basement remodeling idea will work best for you and your family.

Do you have children or teenagers living at home in Fargo?

If you have children or teenagers living at home, consider a design idea that would allow your kids or teens to have a gathering place for entertaining their friends. Many homeowners with teens choose to create one large media room with a full bathroom. Don't forget to leave room in the budget for a pool table and big screen! This will keep their messes confined to the basement which is always a plus!

Remember that this type of basement remodel is also fun for adults. While the kids are away at camp, cuddle up with your spouse on your micro suede sectional and watch a DVD or blue ray disk in HD while enjoying your surround sound theatre equipment! Other options for enhancing the level of entertainment in your basement are popcorn makers and bars.

Do you do a lot of entertaining in Fargo?

If you and your spouse frequently host the annual New Year's Eve party and Superbowl Sunday festivities, consider including a full bar, mini-kitchen, and theatre sound into your basement remodeling design. Now, all you'll need is a little Marvin Gaye, some wine for the wine cooler, beer for the fridge and a few bottles of your favorite liquors to get the party started!

Do you frequently entertain company from out of town who need a more private place to sleep and bathe than your main floor spare bedroom?

If your mother-in-law likes to drop in for two week stays, make it easier on everyone and offer her premium comfort and peace in one of the new bedrooms in your basement. This way she won't be bothered with the hall traffic she'd have to deal with staying in the room between the kids' rooms. And you won't wake her before you leave for a busy day at the office or a day packed full of errands!

Have many of your neighbors completed their basement remodeling projects?

This factor is important because if many of your neighbors are undergoing basement remodeling projects, then you may want to seriously consider jumping on the band wagon. Everyone knows the expression, "Keeping up with The Jones'," right? Well, this is one area where you will want to keep up!

Just like you wouldn't want to have the most expensive house in your subdivision, you certainly done want to own the least expensive one. If you decide to remodel your basement, take a look at your neighbors remodeling ideas before making any definite decisions, unless of course you don't have plans to sell your home for at least 10 years.

Do you or anyone in your family exercise regularly?

If you enjoy working out, but keep your exercise equipment in the garage or in the spare bedroom closet, think about incorporating a place to exercise into your basement remodeling plans. Many people who have done this have actually found that having a designated place in their home to exercise actually increased their adherence to a work out regimen. So, perhaps if you are thinking about starting a work out plan, this is a great way to encourage yourself to participate.

All of the basement remodeling ideas above can be as simple or as involved as your budget allows. You can certainly build a media room without a 60" plasma television and scored and stained concrete. And you can definitely add a bar to your remodeling plans without including a wine cooler and granite countertops.

Now that you have determined what you would like to use the space in your basement for, the next step in planning your basement remodeling project is determining your budget parameters.

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when you are remodelling your basement, you should also look into waterproofing it. waterproof basements are very useful when it comes to the winter season when it rains hard. just my 2cents